20 Aralık 2009 Pazar


we are at the autopark
mafia has our car and sally is in drag
we ask nicely enough
maybe they will bring stevie
back to us, its our baby car

we are at the alleyway by the bar
it is already next day and everybodys high
some big boys are there to play
they say our steve is at the back
very back

do you got fifty bucks sally?
cause i bet they have knives
some very very sharp
yeah big boys they are, with knives
two of them lost in the dark
cant see my friends anymore
street is filled with nightly weird things
and shadows of doubt

kick the heels hard sally
lets leave the big bad boys
to other creatures of  night
i dont wanna die tonight
release your breath when we get away
i dont wanna die tonight
i dont wanna

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