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goes on aaand oon


by Öykü Akın on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 at 03:20
it is an end, it is a start. it is nothing and it coud be everything. there are all the possibilities and there is only one.

no you silly thing, i aint talking about no wars or era-ending-scientific-boomboom-thing.

i am talking about tomorrow. tomorow as in the day, i, oyku, the respectable and glamorous authoress herself, will be starting to fill my leisure time by taking extra lessons. Extra lessons which will go on and on every day, after school, on weekends, on other times for weeks and weeks until they erupt into months and march to the june, the terrible month of doom and freedom both.

the month when i will be facing my destiny, fighting in order to win in life, the ultimate war to exist and succe..

oh hell, just kidding. i ain't no bitch to any exams or whatever.

we all know i am made of win so why all the stress...i asked my mother.

she said, well honey, since everyone around your age is stressing as if their lifes are on the stake, i thought it might be a bit unfair to them if you were so relaxed about this whole thing.

and i meekly said, LIFE IS UNFAIR, YOU KNOW THAT AINT YOU OLD HAG. i said.

quietly. slowly. in my mind.

and nodded and signed up for the courses.


classes. rules. teachers -seriously arent they banned yet? i demand someone to do something about that, there are teachers everywhere, on the streets, creepily hangin around buildings and in classrooms, walking around loose, waiting for the right time to demand your respect and attention and still wanting to be PAID for it.

damn Do those freaks make my blood boil.

so this is it. tomorrow I, alone will be facing my destiny in the hands of evil otherwise known as classes, fght with it with my tooth and nail and teenage arrogance, without getting tired or succumbing to their wills -also known as homework. I wont back down, i will not be pushed into the ground by this awful machinery which aims to make us into responsible and mature adults.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS. i mean i mean thats-

oh what ever!



and keyed cars/slashed tires for any kind of disiplinary action. anyway

wih me luck
peace out!

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