31 Temmuz 2011 Pazar


Hi, my name is jack and i just got my first dose of conspiracy theories much thanks to internet. Now that my bullshit quota is fulfilled i can rant freely about this drug loosly known as conspiracy.

             dont get me wrong, of course i have heard of conspiracy theories before, i think i have actually read one or two too (who didn't after 9/11) but i realize that i did not quite come face to face with a real conspiracy theory, not until now.
              i have to admit that i was caught unprepared. i let my judgements over authors seemingly high intellectual level impress me thus making my opinion biased from the very start. I also let my subconcious guilt about how i felt religious types affect me thus making me ignore his very balatant remarks about religion, god and various metaphysical forces (i should mention that this was only correct for the first half of my reading and as i drew near to the conclusion i was sufficently bored and unipmressed with all the bullshit auther tried to fed me with) That is also because i recently befriended someone who actually believes in religion and all, so i did not want to be close minded about it.
              But! getting back to the point, even though the whole thing about evil genies against good God's grace, after reading through pages of seemingly logical and undenialable evidence, i was shocked speechless. Millions of questions rocked and rolled arond my head, vibrating my reality. For a few hours i saw everything from a theorist's persperctive : everyone with money and power is in some kind of conspiracy which has been going on for hundreds of years under watchfull eyes of jews and masons, targeting to create a new world order, also all the celebrities we know are brainwashed puppets used by this organisation to gain following AND TO STOP PEOPLE FROM BELIEVING IN HOLY RELIGIONS (MOSTLY ISLAM). Oh yes, and this organisation is named "Illuminati". Now you know what i am talking about.
              I cant describe how i felt during and after reading those theories. I think it is like a drug, it took me from my regular world, shed a rainbow colored light to my problems and got me thinking about a fantasy. I felt strangely energized and engaged in highly uncharastherictic behaviour.(this can be easily proven since i spent majority of this "after-while" talking on the phone.) It really got me, i admit.
               After i went back to normal, i started to think about how it got me besides authors very captivating
 writing. And i think i found the reason: it is because half of it is actually true. No wait, that isn't right. I mean that the base of it is true. It is true that people with authourity and power have tried to shape the sociaity according to their beliefs, most prominents are being shadow govenments. I know it is true, that derin devlet exists, at least in Turkey, which is a fact that has been stated BY government itself. It is also true that mainstream media has deep control over many things and role models such as Miley Cyrus and various others are as real as cotton candy dreams or well, american dream more correctly. I agree that strings are being pulled and i agree that experiments over human psyche are being performing by many governments (most being totaliterien regimes but not limited to)
              However i DO NOT believe that all of these are part of  A ONE BIG conspiracy. I dont think let alone whole world but even a country's will is shaped by a group of man wearing masks. Especially not when there are so many opposing forces in each and every part of sociaity.
             And for the record i definitely dont believe that ANCIENT EVIL FORCES BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD BY KABALA AND SUCH posesses people's minds as a result of their deal with the devil. But appearantly a lot of people do. interesting much?
              That is all for this morning and many thanks for listening me rant. Have a great day, kisses.

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