17 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

crazy ramblings of a ridiculus postitute bunny

i feel shitty and i need to write right away away away away huh funny because if i don't the feeling will go away away away click the browser open and start writing damit cause the only way you do this right by doing it quick before the need to write runs away and it runs pretty quick. damn am i good or what.

and than i am tired. figures. i feel like shite. why? no idea me has, no sir, me has no money sir. 5 bucks for a blowjob sir. 15 for a fuck. damn the old fat guys, could not be cheaper, could you? it s just that, stars dont smile me anymore, you know? dont think you do. we had such a special relationship before, too. did ya know? of course you dont. whatever. it is just, you know, so sad. because lady luck never looks at me anymore and i was such a good child. but i guess not, since she abandoned me. abondoned. yeah. and now, stars dont smile and moon is. always silent.you know. not a golden child anymore.
needed to get it of my chest i guess. i am shitty and no one's. noones. haha.
why? i mean why no amount of other things make me feel better? no matter how much i smoke, i read, i listen, i fantasize . it still feels. sucky.
oh fuck you man, okay okay i am bending over. fuck.

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