11 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi

yolda yazilan karalamalar ama olsun kim olursa olsun benim olsun

i am running on a bus
into the wild
into the dark
i am running to a new life

the city i left behind
does not live anymore
i stabbed it, killing

for a better run

i am heading to wild
a city with no rules
wanna ruin their sociaty
wanna ruin their souls

lie on the road
lie on the road with me
and let the bus go
   let it go let it go
let it go its way, over us

lie with me and bus
run over us
dead on the highway
together with stars
only the sky and us

wont be cool if we are together
but it will be love
sacriface the stars
lay with me

on the highway
sky is looking at us
falling asleep together
imagine the peace we'd find

the wind takes my breath away
breath away
best moments of life
before it is over us

i dont know where it comes from
just a thing i picked up
on the road runnig from
a storm before it puts me in a
sports salon

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