1 Nisan 2011 Cuma


hush little kid hush now.
have been hearing things havent you. shouting insanities and meaningless words over and over so many words so much gaaah stop it cant take it, they never tell me anything and you begged and begged but they refuse and everyone says and they talks and all you want is all you want is just please a bit  silence but
no one stops. and world overflows right in front of your eyes and the next thing is you are drowning  the words they swallow you and they choke you until there no more to sequeeze

take a deep breath. now. you wanna go back little one, right before the coorful boxes with noise and before the theatre and maybe even before that when nobody talked. the silent ages they call, the darkness and the peace and it can only exist before everything was and has been and you miss it you miss it so much when everything was unmade

the world is now a world of obeses the lusty humans who craves craves and steals and uses they little creatures, obeses all of them are. they eat food but the food is not the worst worst is they eat the words and puke it, and they puke and puke and puke. and the words so many of them, falling from the mouths, the meaning lost and melody dead and there is only a big pool of noise. you hate people because they use your words, chew em, spit em, kill em over and over again , and it hurts. it hurts your ears and it hurts your core, you just never wanna listen again because noone is saying anything but they all talk theyalwaystalk and you always hear. you hear even when you don't and thats the worst.

deep. breath.

you want it so much

the silence. the silence beneath all the noise.

you look for her who will give you the silence one day

keep your head clean keep your mouth clean you know you cant but try try but they slowly kill
you feel that

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