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Maddy the Mad mads in a madness filled thaetre

(Enter Maddy. She has killed everyone in the church.  She is swinging uncontrollably, mumbling to herself and repeating her words)
"Blasphemy! Blasphemy!"
"No! Bless me, bless me." (Turns to the priest, runs over where he sits and kneels. she grabs his hands.)
"Bless me father! YES, YES finally, i see the light. Bless me father. I will be forgiven and reborn in your hands."
Priest : I-
"I was lost." (she  gets up and turns to the stage in a dreamy manner)
"I thought i was alone in the dark, we were alone, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Rolling deep in our darknesses, in chaos. But i can see the light now. That we belong and mean. I mean. I see the puzzle, God's mistery and i am a part of it. Everything fits. I fit, isn't that right?" (Turns to the priest)" I can see the god now."
(she kneels before him once again and looks directly in his face) "Bless me father, i can see the god in your face. You are my god, aren't you, here to take me in your arms. You have come for me."
(She puts her head in his lap) "Your lost lamb. Bless me, god."
Priest : I-i can't, my child, i am not the god.
(Looks at him again)"Bless me god. I know this is a test of my faith. I have been...bad. I have sinned.  But i will be good now. "(looks away) "There is light instead of darkness, fate not chaos."
(Turns back to priest) "I will put my life in your hands. Bless me."
Priest : Child, lady, i am not god. I can not forgive you, you can only ask him to forgive you.
(Her back is straight but her head is down. she whispers, eyes closed) "Forgive my sins, and i shall be reborn."
(Silence lasts .)
Priest : Like i said, i can not. It is not my-
"Aren't you god?" (her head is still down, she is very serious)
Priest : No, I-    (Her shoulders drop, she is hunched)
"Won't you ...forgive me?"
Priest: I -
"So, it was a lie!"(Holds her head up. there are tear tracks on her face, eyes are still closed)
(opens her eyes) "God is not."(She moves to her feet swiftly) "Just like i have always known."
Priest : I - (she interrupts him again, this time very angry)
"Shut up. You are a monkey, born from oblivion into  oblivion. A fucking charlatan. I put my life in your hands and you rejected it. You are not god." (Reaches inside her jacket and pulls out her gun) "So now, your life is in mine."
(she holds the gun up and smells it. Starts talking to herself) "Oh the sweet home madness, feels good to be back. I see it know. everything is left to me as always, it is in my hands. "
Priest : please please -
"Please me, i shall. It is all laid out for me, ripe for the picking." (she looks at him and explains) "You are nothing, just a speck. A tiny blind speck , no meaning in you. See? Nothing to be afraid of, you are not even alive."(she stops, talking to herself) "I am at the top again, and there are all these pretty colours."
(she shots him twice without looking at him. He shakes with the force but he has no  breath. Maddy smiles peacefully.)  "This world rolls in darkness, just like me. Noone rules, so i do. There is no order, only me. " (She turns and starts walking out of the stage)

"No one is watching him die..poor monkey. he never understood...

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