13 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba


isn't that weird we only love things that dont exist? i dont mean just me or us, i mean everybody. music, movies, characters or even god. i mean i get the whole shit about falling in love with an image of a person you dream of, thats what everybody does. but isn't there a single thing in this world that's real, as in metarial we could love? puppies dont count. music isn't real, movies aren't real, lovers are only what we want of them thus they're farthest from real and dont even get me on about god.
i guess that is why they say love is not real huh
we do put quite much into the word real for a group of monkeys who lives for nothing but unreal.hey, nevermind. thats just a fancy way of saying human.
oh you know another way of saying human? you're gonna die, that's it.

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