12 Temmuz 2011 Salı

we are not the good girls. we are not the bad. I would say we are the cool ones but i know somebody would definetely oppose. Listen, we are us. We are your friends. We are your friends when you are good, when you are bad, when you are off your rocket. And we will be right there with you, 'till the end.

So. You wanna be normal? I dont. Do you wanna be with normals? Be accepted and loved? Stand with the crowd, on your feet and kicking?  Do you want to stand where they stand really? Because i would not. If i could choose, -and hey, i do!- i would be right where you are. On my knees, hurt and wounded by everything they, everything you would throw at me and alive and still myself.  I would not change that, not for anything on the earth, and definetely not to be like them. To become one of  them. A judgemental prick, that is.

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